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Multimedia Platform CarpeStar SSW020

Integrate convergence

Besides conventional voice and data communication, UMCT enables VAS provider and enterpriser solution developer to deliver all business modules together, including email, SMS, fax, conferencing, and video.

Reliable, Telco-grade architecture

Embraces all of major PBX specifications: TDM, IP or Asterisk modules support hot swappable, and could be changed or replaced over the front (or) back panel, with no need to open UMCT cover.

Flexible configuration for any network 

Compliant with diverse (TDM, IP, Asterisk) modules to interface with TDM (FXO, FXS, T1, E1, J1) or IP network, high-Impedance logging modules; support various multimedia processing capability (conferencing, fax, video, compression and echo cancellation for voice enhancement) and an array of protocols (SS7, ISDN PRI, CAS, R1, R2, Mobility).

Adjustable capacity for customized needs

1U UMCT platform enables 8-16 * E1/T1/J1 ports, 2-32 * FXO/FXS channels, and 120-240 IP-channels.

Carrier-grade reliability

  • Special power system with standby redundancy;
  • advanced cooling system to reassure long-standing robustness;
  • special air cleaner to protect against dust accumulation inside chassis;
  • inside temperature control and alert system;

No need to change wiring when changing functional modules as backplane’s wiring outlet is separate from backplane’s functional-module slots.

Processing capability powered by Intel 

Adopt Intel(R) X86, the Mini-ITX industrial embedded platform as host control unit (main board) to execute high-capacity, high-complexity applications.

Perfect and robust engineering design

The motherboard has optional 4.3 inches WVGA (800*480) TFT LCD; UMCT series 1U chassis could be mounted on workstation, rack, or wall;

 Support diverse interfaces(port) on the rear panel, including RJ11, RJ48T, RJ45, RJ45(POE), DB25, USB, etc.


  • Well ventilated                              
  • Suggested temperature: 0℃~40℃
  • Relative humidity: 10%~85%                
  • Keep clean, get away from dust
  • To prevent static: Ensure proper grounding
  • Standard 19” chassis recommended


  • VGA: One VGA
  • Network: One 1000M Network Interface

                             One 100M Network Interface

  • USB: Two USB2.0
  • Audio: Two 3.5 Audio Interfaces


  • Lightning resistance: Level 4
  • Certification: FCC CE

Physical Size

  • Height: 44.2.mm (1U); Width: 442mm (19″); Depth: 362mm
  • Weight: 4~6kg

Power Requirements

  • AC: 220V/110V
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz