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CarpeStar technical support provides you with a detailed guide to setting up the equipment, troubleshooting diagnostics to solve current everyday problems. All equipment sold by CarpeStar is officially supplied to Russia and has a manufacturer’s warranty.

If it is impossible to solve the problem remotely, CarpeStar offers qualified specialists help for installation and adjustment of equipment.

In the event of troubleshootings in the operation of the equipment, please contact CarpeStar for repair or replacement.

Our Partners

All our partners, dealers and resellers are a dedicated professional community, joined together to deliver high performance quality service and solutions even in difficult communication environments. Our partner’s program is based on the core principles of mutual understanding and support.

If you want to join our team and become our partner you will enjoy a lot of benefits as:

  • True manufacturer brand
  • High quality equipment
  • Best partner prices
  • Professional technical support

Contact Us:

Building No.3756, Rd. Nanhuan, Binjiang District,

Hangzhou, P.R.China 310053

For all inquiries, please, use the following email address: