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Mobile Catching System CarpeStar

Mobile Catching System CarpeStar

  • Hi-Compatibility

Support TDD/FDD/GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/WIFI network protocols, including active and passive mode to catch data, to adapt to different environments and customer needs, and could be customized according to the personalized needs of users;

  • Ease of use

Multiple types of types of equipment, including outdoor equipment, indoor equipment and portable equipment to fit the different application. The impact on the operator network is negligible, and all parameters could be set in advance.

  • Integrativeness

Combined with inter-city system to form integrated security systems, including detection system, telecommunications database system, GIS systems and other existing systems, to meet diverse application needs.

  • Hi-speed catching:

Software and hardware technology ensure high reliability and 99.99% availability in a variety of complex environments, as well as high MTBF up to 100,000hrs; It proves that the catcher has little impact on both operator network and subscribers;

  • Safety:

The system features concealment and high accuracy, besides multi-alarm functions, such as temperature, humidity, power failure, (prohibited) distance alarm, RF alarm, target alarm, etc.

  • Multifunction

Multifunctional, including management, precaution, alarming, data catching and processing, query, query data re-processing, number translation, specific number analysis, basic analysis tool and logic analysis tool and more functions;