About CarpeStar

CarpeStar is focused on the development, manufacture and marketing of digital communication solutions and networking products for the Next Generation.

Our specialists are coming from top global telecommunication enterprises, who have dedicated themselves to VoIP, unified communication and wireless mobile networks.

CarpeStar has the most complete VoIP gateway products line, which covers GSM/CDMA/LTE Wireless Gateway, E1/T1 Trunk Gateway, FXS/FXO Analog Gateway, SIMBANK, SIMCLOUD etc.

CarpeStar is one of the leading companies that provides hi-level-security VoIP equipment. We offer you true manufacturer brand at unbeatable price. We have been partnered with telecom operators and regular clients all over the world delivering them wise and swift solutions for problems with enterprise and private communication. 

VoIP technologies provider has always been and still is in regular contact with call centers, financial institutes, public security, national safety agencies and more, helping them overcome everyday challenge situations that stop them from using communication environment effectively and cost-efficient. Stay in touch – don’t pay much.

Through our increasing innovation ability, excellent user experience, high performance price ratio and OEM/ODM service, CarpeStar products and services have been widely used and recognized by telecom operators, system integrators, and enterprises around the world.

CarpeStar will continuously work on supporting customers, keep up with modern trends in technology and service and worship the spirit of innovation to build globally recognized brand of hi-end communication. Exclusive welcoming price of an exclusive manufacturer is available for you.

CarpeStar is one of the best companies on the market that has fundamental powers to deliver multimedia and signaling technologies to create the innovative service and applications. Years of experience and market-oriented strategy has put CarpeStar in the pioneering edge of production of VoIP technology products. CarpeStar is able to offer its clients competent solutions for future progress needs.

CarpeStar, striving to create sustainable value for partners, has become a leading provider of modern communication technologies, offering a full range of products with all open standards, helping developers to introduce innovative solutions for IP, TDM, mobile and video solutions at different levels of integration in outdated networks and networks of the new generation.

CarpeStar works with many application developers, value-added service providers and system integrators in many countries offering them best manufacturer prices. More and more enterprises are implementing communication solutions that are compatible with CarpeStar technologies, and CarpeStar components are also deployed in networks of telecom operators in many countries all over the world. Working for consumer values, CarpeStar strives to be the best supplier in the converged communications industry.

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