Technologies & Applications

Core Technologies

Video, Voice, Data

With the popularity of IP communication, it becomes increasingly important to decode between different protocols and encoding formats. Large capacity VoIP applications require high transcoding efficiency.

Integrated transcoding supports all range of Codecs for voice and video and eliminates the need for additional separate hardware to support transcoding requirements.

Flexible Configuration

Flexible scalability for enterprises, up to 500 simultaneous SIP sessions with dedicated multimedia transcoding with DSP support provides high performance, which helps to reduce the cost of ownership and ensure high security at borders.

Conference and Fax

Conference calls are a vast area where new scenarios arise every day. CarpeStar’s products and technologies help system integrators to improve everyday communication in many areas. All CarpeStar’s products support transmission of all types of printable files, which can be easily viewed and printed.

All SIP Protocols

Most models of CarpeStar gateways support the multiple range of SIP protocols which makes it easier to install and adjust the system for customer needs. Also it makes it possible to integrate the new hardware to the already existing system.

User-Friendly Interface

A convenient WEB control tool built into the CarpeStar gateways will help users to register their account to manage all connected gateways over the Internet and monitor their status in real time, which helps significantly to economize on management and maintenance of the network. Using the Internet management software, users can remotely control the gateway and check the progress status, call statistics, call routing, and so on.

Improved Communication Security


High security and privacy for users through the automatic exchange of various SIM cards and networks.

Applications & Features

Mobile & Enterprise Networks

The use of the GSM gateway can be useful for those organizations that are actively moving from place to place – small shops, branches of insurance companies. In this case the CarpeStar gateway can be relocated easily. It will be constantly connected to the central office, the phone number will remain unchanged and the communication network in a new place can be deployed quickly and easily.

IP Network Gateway

CarpeStar is proud to present a new package of VoIP solutions. Our VoIP gateway, not only delivers its high advantages, but also combines easy-to-use plug-and-play features with world-class voice optimization technologies. It ensures smooth operation in any complex network environment and also makes the VoIP gateway an ideal option for system integrators, SPs and enterprises.

Complex Network Environments

Most often, GSM gateway is purchased for installation in areas with poor mobile signal coverage. The solution can be – the GSM gateway together with the directional antenna is installed on the top floor of the building. Then a wired line is connected to the gateway to which a wire or cordless (DECT) telephone is connected.

Most CarpeStar gateway models are compatible with all brands of mobile terminals and support the majority of SIPs around the world, and also support auto tuning in the integrated networks.

Customized Worldwide

Used to connect IP telephones to an existing PBX, integrate network applications with the PBX, extend the PBX to branch offices, and integrate various voice and call processing functions in LAN and WAN networks.

Cost Effective

CarpeStar GSM gateway allows you to economize on the outgoing mobile communication as much as possible. The call made via the CarpeStar gateway will be inexpensive and of excellent quality.

SIM Cloud

SIM Cloud is an important component of CarpeStar wireless VoIP solution based on cloud computing technology that is used to manage multiple SIM banks and several GSM gateways to create a flexible VoIP solution.

The customer does not need to configure an additional hardware server, and it’s very easy to get started. SIM Cloud provides device management, SIM card management, real-time statistics and open WEB Service API.