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CarpeStar NGN Switching

CarpeStar NGN Switching Platform​

Softswitching Technology

Based on distributed switching/control layer, SPBX separates call controls from application layers, and could be seamlessly compliant with multiple communication devices and add applications on effortlessly.

Multimedia Convergence

Adopt 1000M-Ethernet switching chipset, SPBX’s media stream exchanges in IP-packets, and access to soft-switching system via Media Gateway Controller, ensuring high-level applications are streamlined.

High Scalability

Flattening architectures based on Soft-Switching ensures unlimited expandability from low density and high density. Modular design allows for easy configurations, system upgrading or general maintenance.

Diverse Media Resources

Support high-capacity voice playback and Codecs, conferencing, faxing and video; Support T.38/T.30; Set up Built-in IVR and ACD applications, with EXT IVR server or GUI management.

Standard TSAPI Interface

With standard TSAPI, the SPBX could be compatible with existing TSAPI-based call center and other applications, which greatly reduces development costs and shortens time to market.

Embedded Switching Application

SPBX possesses a complete range of switcher features, and helps set up efficient enterprise communication and call center systems, without developing any additional PBX software.

Telco Grade Reliability

Dual power system with standby redundancy; Intelligent cooling system reassures telco robustness; Special ash cleaner protects against dust accumulation; Internal temperature controller and alerts.


  • CPU Controller;
  • MSB Switching Board;
  • MRS Multimedia Board;
  • Functional Unit(E1/T1/FAX).

Network Interface:

  • E1 interface: Compliant with G.703, including 75Ω unbalanced interface and 120Ω balanced interface;
  • T1/J1 interface: DSX-1 and CSU line compensation available for different extents of signal losses, including 100Ω and 110Ω balanced interfaces;
  • Analog interface: Optional functional modules for FXO interface, FXS interface or high-impedance logging;
  • 20 E1/T1/J1(software configurable);
  • 2 TCP/IP 100M Ethernet (RJ-45);
  • 4 USB ports;
  • 1+1 redundancy connection.

Development Environment:

  • Windows OS: Windows2000/XP/2003/Vista/NT;
  • Linux OS: Including RH7.2/RH9.0/AS4/FC4/SUSE10;
  • Programming language: ANSI C/C++,Microsoft Visual C++,C#,Delphi;

Security and Certifications:

  • Lighting-proof grade: Level 4;
  • Certification: FC/CE/China CCC;
  • For RoHS compliance, please contact Synway’s sales representatives.

Physical Characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 2U form factor: 88.1mm (H) x 482.6mm (W) x 430mm (L);
  • Net Weight: about 10Kg (different for the number of optional modules). 

Power Requirement:

  • AC: 90-120V or 200~265V (SELECT RIGHT RANGE ON SHELF), Frequency: 50~60Hz;
  • Power consumption: different for configuration, please refer to user manual;

Environment Requirement:

  • Ventilation: normal;
  • Operating temperature: 0℃~40℃;
  • Relative humidity: 10%~85%;
  • Avoid dust accumulation;
  • Anti-electrostatic: please Grounded;
  • Installation recommendation: mounted on standard 19-inches rack.