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Recording Server

Recording Server CarpeStar DTP800

  • 1U height, standard rack design
  • support bidirectional recording for 1~8*E1/T1 interface
  • support the global protocols with high interoperability
  • support DSP-based compression coding format
  • web-based recording system management software
  • support recording data storage, query and real-time monitoring

Support multiple protocols and recording modes

DTP800 supports 8*E1/T1 ports at maximum, a range of protocols such as SS1, SS7 (Tup, ISUP), ISDN signaling call status analysis and voice signal analysis, and can be configured for inbounding recording, outbound recording, and mixed in/outbound ones.

Support multiple speech coding formats

DTP800 supports DSP-based a-law (g. 711), µ-law, IMA-ADPCM, GSM, MP3 and G. 729A format coding, and software processing -linear PCM, VOX format Codecs. It can adapt to any recording environment in the world for short time to market.

Adopt hi-impedance multiplexing mode

DTP800 supports high impedance, and does not affect the normal operation of the system. And DTP800 has a strong signal adaptive ability, and can tap into line at any point to monitor call conversation.

    • Input/output Interface

    E1 Physical Ports: compliant with G703, including 75Ω unbalanced interface and 120Ω balanced interface
    T1 Physical Ports:DSX-1 and CSU line build-outs available for different extents of signal losses, including 100Ω and 110Ω balanced interfaces 

    • Signaling:

    SS1: compliant with international GF002-9002 (DL and MFC)
    SS7: compliant with Q771-Q795
    DSS1: compliant with Q.933

    • Audio Specifications

    Codec: CCITT A/μ-Law 64kbps
    IMA ADPCM   32kbps
    G.729A            8kbps
    GSM                13.6kbps
    MP3                 8/16kbps
    Frequency response: 300-3400Hz(±3dB)
    AGC: 20db—0db

    • Maximum System Capacity

    Up to 8 x E1/T1 in single chassis

    • Power Requirements

    Maximum power consumption: ≤28W
    Input impedance: 1 KΩ(AC)
    Input interface: RJ48

    • Audio Encoding & Decoding

    16Bit PCM    128kbps
    8Bit PCM       64kbps
    A-Law            64kbps
    μ-Law            64kbps
    VOX               32kbps
    ADPCM         32kbps
    GSM              13.6kbps
    MP3               8/16kbps
    G.729A          8kbps
    Sampling Rate    8kHz

    • Safety

    Lightning resistance: Level 4

    • Certification

    International standards

    • Dimensions

    L x H x D: 440×44×200 mm
    Weight: 3 kg (Excluding hard disk and accessories) 

    • Environment

    Operating temperature: 0℃—55℃
    Storage temperature: -20℃—85℃
    Humidity: 8%— 90% non-condensing
    Storage humidity: 8%— 90% non-condensing