CarpeStar SBC500

Basic Features and Functions

  • Dos/DDos protection;
  • QOS/ TOS/DSCP setting;
  • Signal encryption (TLS/IPSec);
  • Media encryption (SRTP);
  • NAT transverse;
  • SIP/H.323/H.248 interworking;
  • Support IPV4, IPV6 and VPN;
  • Load balancing;
  • Transmission speed limit;
  • RTP encoding/decoding;
  • Redundancy and Backup.

Flexible Scalability for Enterprises and SMB

1-500 simultaneous SIP sessions with dedicated DSP-powered multimedia transcoding provide high performance in a small footprint to help lower ownership cost and reassure high security at borders.

Ensure Highest Level of Operational Security

SBC500 offers real-time communication surveillance solution for enterprises/SPs/carrier’s communication systems, and helps them deliver any business-driven applications effortlessly and safely.

Deliver Hi-Flexibility for Session Management

Secure connectivity and controlling can be offered by SBC500, as it efficiently supports bilateral and multilateral interconnection among different networks; besides, Dialing and IP/PSTN routing available.

Improve Communication Integration Capability

SBC bridges operators with enterprise communication networks seamlessly, rationalizes traffic, streamlines business procedures, and optimizes SIP trunking, PBX/H.323/SIP and VoIP applications.

Balance Resources and Optimize Loading

Load protection at the border of network provides highly differentiated voice and multimedia services through multi-level resource-balancing policies, registration limit, ID authentication and authorization.

Integrated Transcoding for Voice & Video

Eliminate need to add separate hardware to support transcoding requirements, and support a range of Codecs, including G.723, G.729, G.711, iLBC, SIPINFO, RFC2833, RF3261, INBOUND and more.



·         30/60/120/240/480, Upgrade by license



·         L x H x W= 440mm x 44mm x 267 mm


Input/output Interface Amount

·         2 * (10/100 BASE-TX(RJ-45 port))

·         Self adaptive bandwidth: Supported

·         Auto MDI/MDIX:Supported


Net Weight

·         3.1 kg


Console Port

·         Amount: 1(RS-232)

·         Baud rate: 115,200bps

·         Connector: RJ45/Customizable

·         Data bits: 8 bits

·         Stop bit: 1 bit

·         Parity: Unsupported

·         Flow control: Unsupported



·         Operating temperature:0°C-45°C

·         Storage temperature: -20°C-85°C

·         Operating Humidity:8%-90% non-condensing

·         Storage humidity:8%-90% non-condensing


Signaling Protocols

·         SIP: V1.0/2.0, RFC3261


Power Requirements

·         Input voltage:100-240V AC

·         Maximum power consumption:15W


Audio Encoding & Decoding

·         G.711A 64 kbps

·         G.711U 64 kbps

·         G.729 8 kbps

·         G723 5.3/6.3 kbps

·         G722 64 kbps

·         AMR 4.75/5.15/5.90/6.70/7.40/7.95/10.20/12.20 kbps

·         iLBC 15.2 kbps

Sampling Rate: 8 kHz


Lightning resistance: Level 4