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VoiP GSM smg4004

GSM/UMTS VoIP Gateway SMG4004-4W

Complete Protocols Range

Support standard Sip protocols, and could be used worldwide;

Support both 2G/3G wireless network, including both GSM/UMTS and more.

High Voice Optimization Capability

Adopt CarpeStar’s homegrown voice optimization technologies to ensure crystal clear communication, including DSP-based 128mc echo cancellation.

High Flexibility and Scalability

Could be configured from 2~4 Ports of Wireless -to- IP transmission, and support a diversity of wireless networks in a single system.

User-friendly GUI

Easy-to-use service Web based UI configuration an management tools could help accelerate service deployment and simplify platform management

High Interoperability with Terminals

Compliant with all brands of terminal mobile devices and a complete range of SIP trunking worldwide, support auto-provision in complex network environment.

Telco-Grade Reliability

Adopts telco-grade standards and components to design and manufacture, and certified and approved by most telecom operators worldwide.

Basic Features:

·         GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz  /  UMTS: 850/900/1900/2100MHz


·         Open and programmable API

·         PIN management

·         Call time restriction: SIM Card/Single Call

·         Operator locking

·         BCCH management

·         Call hold

·         Call transfer

·         SMPP



·         Configuration management based on WE

·         Configuration backup/restor

·         Interface in Chinese/English

·         Firmware upgrade via HTTP/TFTP

·         Password modification for WEB sign-i

·         Factory settings restore

·         CDR and tracking information output

·         Syslog

·         Ping and Tracet tests based on WEB

·         Transport Protocol Count: TCP, UDP, RTP

·         VoIP Call Count

·         PSTN Count: ASR, ACD, PDD

·         Voice loopback test

·         IVR Customizable

·         System Log

·         Centralized cloud-platform integrated management


·         Silence suppression and detection

·         CNG (Comfort Noise Generator) support

·         VAD (Voice Activity Detection) support

·         Echo cancellation (G.168), up to 128ms

·         Self-adaptive dynamic buffering

·         Call progress tone generation

·         AGC (Automatic Gain Control) support


Physical Interface:

·         SIM Card Socket: 4-port

·         Ethernet interface: RJ45, 2 ETH, 10/100M Base

·         CONSOLE: RJ45, RS232, 115200bps

·         Antenna interface: SMA

·         Status indicator: PWR, RUN, ALM, Channel state,

·         Signal strength, ACT per network, LINK status.

·         Reset button



·         SIP V2.0 RFC3261

·         SDP RFC2327

·         Session Timer RFC4028

·         RTP/RTCP RFC3551

·         SIP registration

·         SIP trunk (Point-to-Point)

·         SIP trunk group

·         Ringback (Immediate/normal)

·         SIP/GSM release cause configurabl

·         DNS SRV/A query

Network Protocol:



HTTP, Telnet